• Adoption Fee: $250
  • Gender: Male
  • Current Age:  1 1/2 Years Old
  • Good with kids:  Unknown
  • Good with dogs: Nervous
  • Good with cats: Unknown
  • Vaccinations:  TBD
  • Neuter/Spay:  TBD

BIO:  Well, from being on the streets of Omaha, to a Pet Shelter in Nebraska I was looking for Dorothy and Toto. Never found them, but I was picked up by a “paddy wagon” ended up in this shelter. My cousins were barking, howling, whimper and all that cry’n. I begged to leave, I was literally jumping up the wall, I was goin’ nuts in that place. I was so wound up from that wild place that had all my dog cousins. No body loved us. They called MARR they found a place for me, and I am OUT-of-here! Rescued me!

It was such a wild trip and I was so excited beyond belief. They found me a new foster family in Iowa. The first night my new foster family helped me, by letting me chill out in a big wire kennel. This is a nice place they have a big yard to run circles if I wanted too! I love to run, play, fetch, play ball, love doing it all. I had my own food bowl and my own water bucket! Can it get any better than this? Yup! It sure can! I was put on a new food called Hill’s Science diet, I think I have gained a couple pounds already. I rarely got anything to eat, when MARR rescued me, they felt all my rib bones and spine. Here it is a bottomless bowl eating, I am on 4 cups a day. “My bowl runneth over”! Of course I have this blue bucket kept full of fresh clean water. Nothing green or floating in it either! Cool! I will need more food, I am just starting to put weight on. I am so active and wired for “220” that maybe that’s why I can’t keep weight on. I was given one de-worm treatment recommended by my paperwork sent with me.

My name was Mongo, that is what the shelter called me. But, my Foster Mom changed it to “Marco” and my middle name is Polo, yup that is my new name “Marco Polo”, you know I have been traveling a lot lately. Did my Foster Mom tell you, I am a Big Boy and want to love and be near my “Fur-ever family”. Sometimes I love to bury my head under your arm or lap and just want to be petted and loved. When I first came, I gazed right into my Foster Mom’s eyes, I could see the love and faith she had in me. I enjoy being in the presence with someone pretty much all the time.

I love to run, play fetch, walk, go to parks, I love being active. I have two baskets of toys here. I just love digging in there to see what I can find. I would love to play with younger humans. These people and female dog “Nala” are too boring for me. These people are couch potatoes! I need someone to have real fun! I have been here a week and 4 days. During the day we kick back and sleep after breakfast and sleep in the afternoon. Every day I am out of my kennel, which is great. But Dog-gone-it I want to go some where or do something! My Foster Mom noticed I get very excited when I see the square box that has dogs and people in there, I don’t know how they do it. I want in the (TV) box to play with them, but they always says no? I get so excited to see more humans to play with and Gee Whiz all I hear is “Marco NO”. That box wobbles every time and run up to it. Seeing other cousin dogs also get me so excited, but they never come out of the box to play with me. My Foster Mom says I need to get excited about other activities. She says like walking, running, she says we got to find someone that can help. I should not be with little people (10+ older), I may hurt them accidentally. I need a very active family. I just get so excited , I need help to channel my excitement. My Foster Mom says I am a real clown, what ever that is! Com’on lets play!

I know a lot of “one-word” commands like: sit, stay, down, no, outside, kennel, and ball, I am really smart and can understand whats next in our daily routine. Did I tell you, I am very smart!

If you’d like to adopt Mongo, you can visit our Adopt page where you can find information on our adoption policies, and fill out an application.