Age: 13 months
Weight: 100 lbs
Good with women: Yes Good with men: Yes,
Good with kids: Not much experience but should be fine
Good with dogs: Unknown
Good with cats: Yes lives with 2
House Trained: Yes Neuter/Spay: No Current vaccinations: Yes
Location: Des Moines, IA


Once he knows you, Odin is the BIGGEST love bug! He has gotten along with people who are not afraid of him very well. However, he sometimes misinterprets fear as a threat and will get protective of owner. He has not had much experience with young children, but if introduced properly has the potential to do very well with them! Odin does not mind if his food bowl is touched while he is eating, sits when he is asked to take treats, and loves to share his toys with his human friends (as long as there are no bones around, he is VERY protective of them). He has not been introduced to many other dogs, so not sure if he would do well in a controlled environment or not, but with the right people and other dog he might do just fine. He is an extremely quick learner and picks up on new commands with just a few sessions as long as firm consistency and leadership is used. Odin has so much potential and such a fun loving personality. With the right family he’ll be your best friend for life. Right now he is a huge momma’s boy! He did have an incident with the new boyfriend who tried to take his bone away. He did snap but no medical attention needed. Notes from evaluator: Odin knows sit, lay down and kennel. He does like to jump and does have some resource guarding issues that will need to be worked with. He is protective when strangers come into the house and will growl and jump.
Odin is a very handsome rott with a large jaw/head and heavy-boned. He has a decent temperament and with some structure and training he will be a really good rottie citizen! He does need a strong leader who will provide needed training and socialization.