Name: Patricia
Location: Tulsa, OK
Sex: Female
Weight: 100 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: No
Age: 5 yrs
Good with Men: She has done well with all staff, male and female.
Good with Women: She has done well with all staff, male and female
Good with Dogs: Patricia was dog tested face to face today, 4/14, with a male 10 month male collie mix. She showed interest to him and helped Chuck come out of his shell. She was happy and goofy when another dog was in the yard at times but was also okay with doing her own thing while Chuck sniffed the yard. She has shown her to be scared with reactive dogs in kennels and will hide behind the person walking her
Good with Cats: Unsure as we do not have a safe way to cat test. She saw one in clinic and sniffed toward the cage but had zero reaction towards the cat
Children: Unknown but likely ok based on temperament; maybe older kids to be sure
House Trained: Unknown
Crate Trained: Has not made a mess in her kennel and goes potty every time she goes outside. Easily goes back in kennel with zero issues
Medical Issues: Patricia has alopecia along the back, near the rear. The skin scrape did not show demodex. Possibly chronic skin issues as it seems the condition has been like that for quite a while. Her skin is what appears to be the only thing that needs extra TLC. We have already given Bravecto for her.
Rabies: 04/06/2023
Parvo/distemper: 04/06/2023
Bordatella: 04/06/2023
Heartworm test: 04/10/2023 (negative)
Characteristics: Patricia came into the shelter as a stray and is a SWEETHEART of a dog! Patricia is a laid-back girl who prefers to be near her people with her head in your lap or sitting right beside you. She is extremely gentle with treats and very treat motivated. She has not made a single noise since being in the shelter, barking or whining. She has a calm demeanor and a whatever personality. She loves to be scratched on the sides of her stomach and will lean into you for more pets. She enjoys being outside, will go to the bathroom right when she goes out, and will politely take your treats from you and reward you with a kiss. On a leash she will walk right beside you, does not run or pull at all. Also does not pull backwards when she becomes nervous of the reactive dogs in kennels, will just go on the opposite side of handler and continue walking. She has come more out of her shell since coming to the shelter and waits to greet people in her kennel. She now will wag her tail with excitement when her friends come to see her or also at dinner time as well. She is no longer scared but is not the “outgoing” type of dog in kennel so is being overlooked by potential adopters. Patricia is urgent due to shelter being over capacity. although there isn’t a definitive date, she is at risk for being euthanized because the shelter is over full.