Name: Pauly
Location: Junction City, KS
Sex: Male
Weight: 65 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Age: 2 yrs (born 7/20/21)
Good with Men: Yes! He does well with the male vet and the foster’s husband. He has not had a negative interaction towards any men when going to work with the foster either as he has been walked through the lobby several times with plenty of men and other dogs in it.
Good with Women: Yes! He definitely seems more open and interested in women but really depends on the personality. He gets uncomfortable if any man or woman approaches him fast and pushy instead of properly introducing themselves. He just backs up and tries to get away.
Good with Dogs:  Yes! He is very patient and if he is not feeling it he just avoids the dog that he doesn’t want to be around. If that doesn’t work, he will give a correction but it never goes further so if he is getting picked on he needs someone to step up and advocate for him. He doesn’t care for fast-paced dogs.
Good with Cats: His first few interactions he would sniff them and walk away, now he typically just ignores them.
Children: Yes, he is in foster with a 4 and 6 year old. They brush him occasionally and he likes to follow them around.
He is not pushy and doesn’t try to jump on them. He does like to lick their hands, especially if they are covered in food!
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Medical Issues: Pauly was underweight when he first came to the shelter but he has gained weight and is in good shape now,
Rabies: 8/2/23
Parvo/distemper: 7/21/23
Bordatella: 7/21/23
Heartworm test: 07/21/2023 – negative
Characteristics: Pauly is very smart and does best with training when treats are involved (he takes treats very gently), however, he greatly appreciates praise from people once he creates that bond with you. So far he has done well with baths and nail trims, he is potty trained, kennel trained, and knows sit and lay down. We are working on perfecting our leash skills; he doesn’t pull and sits by my side. Pauly is a perfect combination of playful and lazy. He is in foster with 7 GSP’s, 1 GWP, 2 Bully breed mixes, 2 GSD mixes, 2 French Bulldogs, 1 Puggle, and 1 Cane Corso. He is great with everyone, but the Cane Corso has ZERO understanding of when a dog is asking for space or trying to say that he is being too much. The Corso is also a foster and was never socialized so we are wokring on creating some brains for him. When Pauly is tired of the Corso, he offers him a correction. The Corso doesn’t seem to understand what Pauly is trying to communicate, and Pauly never takes it further so I have to step in and advocate for Pauly. He does great in the car and will sit quietly in a kennel or in the front seat. Pauly does come to work with me at the vet clinic a couple times a week and he seems to do okay with the clinic cats. He is not super interested, his interactions consist of him sniffing the cat and then walking away. Pauly seems to be a very non confrontational dog. I bet that he can be conditioned to be a super active dog but right off of the bat he would do best probably in a moderatelty active home., Pauly has blossomed since coming from the shelter into foster care.  He has an old soul of a golden retriever in a rottie body.  If I didn’t have 11 of my own dogs and had an unlimited budget, I would Keep Pauly in a heartbeat!  He does excellent in my pack, which is not easy to find.  He is a gentle, willing and sweet rotie…he deserves his forever home where he will be loved and cherished!