Attached are pictures of my Rottwieler femal name Piku. She is 19 months old. Up to date with shots and very healthy. She is looking for a new forever home. She is pure bread Rottweiler adopted from a breeder. Very soon, I am expecting a senior citizen Mom coming to stay with us who is highly allergic to animal hair.  I am not looking for surrendering her. I like to take enough time to make sure that I find right home for her. 

Piku is human-friendly and has no behavior issues.

She is crate trained however we are keeping her free in the night in the mudroom on her bed.  she is free in the house during day time. 

She knows that she is not allowed in a certain area of the home which is bedrooms and no seating on any furniture. She is trained to not break anything in the house or chew either. She is potty trained. Not so much in food. She goes on walks or gets her running exercise on a daily basis which is highly required for her new home findings. She is on her last stage of AKC certification and will get certified soon. Looking for new homes where she can find lots of love and respect along with good care. 

If anyone is interested in her. Please contact me via email. There will be rehomed fees applied. 

Shreya Thakker <>