Pocket is a wonderful boy. He’s polite and kind though can get a little excited sometimes. He requires a good strong human who has had prior experience with Rottweilers. Pocket knows some English commands and some German. His pet parent loves him very much, so much that he knows Pocket deserves better.
Pocket does require a special diet, this is not the reason he is being rehomed, but it is very important that
his future humans are aware he requires special attention with food. Pocket can not digest kibble and must be fed a raw diet or a dehydrated formula. The current formula he is on is working beautifully for him.
Pocket has been camping, on hikes and been on long road trips. He knows the groomers and has a very
dedicated toy box filled with puzzle toys and games.
His human feels bad that all they can do is give him puzzle toys to work through on his own. Pocket wants attention and affection and that is something his human is having a hard time giving him. Pocket deserves to be with someone who will cuddle him in bed at night and spoil him rotten. He is a good cuddle buddy
and very very attached to his one human. If someone is so lucky as to be his next human… they will have
the best dog ever. It breaks my heart to see him go, but he deserves to be with someone who can really let him shine.