• Adoption Fee: Refer to KC Pet Project Shelter adoption fees (kcmo.org)
  • Current Age: Approx. 7 Years Old
  • Good with kids: Yes.
  • Good with dogs: No.
  • Good with cats: He likes to bark at cats.
  • House Trained: Yes.
  • Location: Kansas City, MO.
  • Neuter/Spay: Yes.
  • Current vaccinations: Yes.
  • Contact: Alex Heule at 816-876-6744 or at alex.heule@kcmo.org.

BIO: Rallo is a stray 71lb Rottie looking for a second chance.  He would be best suited to a home with a female owner and a very patient male owner.  Rallo has had several female owners and tends to warm up to females much quicker.  He is enjoying his golden years and would love to have a forever home with no other animals.  Rallo is ready to share his boundless love with a new owner.

He is a friendly dog that wants all the attention he can get.  He seems to be well socialized and greeted everyone in a very friendly manner.  At his age, he is not as interested in playing but that could also be the stress of being in a shelter.  Rallo is a calm and sweet dog looking for a forever home.

Rallo had some issues with heartworms that are being treated but it is looking like he might need some lifelong medications to help him live a better life.  His heart is showing beginning signs of significant changes but with some medications he can continue to life his best life.

If you’d like to rescue Rallo, you can contact Alex Heule at 816-876-6744 or at alex.heule@kcmo.org.