Name: Ramone
Location: Raymore, MO (came into shelter with Jetta)
Sex: Male
Weight: 90 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: No
Age: approx 2 yrs
Good with Men: no shelter staff are males but likely fine based on temperament.
Good with Women: Yes.
Good with Dogs: Yes. Did have a tiff with male dog next door but that dog provokes; Ramone doesn’t seem to care about the other dogs
Good with Cats: afraid of cat hissing but did not bark or attack; just jumped back
Children: met volunteer around 10 yrs and fine with her
House Trained: Appear to be house trained (were in foster care a few days until kennel space opened up)
Crate Trained: haven’t made any messes in kennel but can go outside to potty
Medical Issues: small cut on ear but skin looks good and shiny coat; nothing else apparent
Rabies: 8/22/22
Heartworm test: 8/22/22 (negative)
Characteristics: Ramone and Jetta came in together as strays. They mimic each other and are two peas in a pod. The have insane wiggle butts and will bulldoze into you from excitement. Ramone loves car rides! They both love pets and you can touch them all over; neither are bad on leash. Both dogs are more chill when separated (they feed off each other from excitement) but are in kennel together and share food in kennel; no resource guarding of food with each other. They are both super friendly rotties and will make a great addition to a family home. They do very well together but they do not need to be a bonded pair and can be fostered/adopted separately!
Notes from Evaluator: In summary, Jetta and Ramone were both very well tempered and sweet! No aggression from either dog noted as they were escorted out of kennel. The same cat hissed at both dogs as we exited the kennel and each dog just jumped back but did not bark or attack.
Coat is shiny. Quick glance of teeth looked good. No visible limping or sores. Ramone is youthful, slightly slender. Pulls a bit on lead but easily rerouted.