Good with women: Yes Good with men: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes with proper intros; prefers more laid back dogs Good with cats: No
House Trained: Unknown Neuter/Spay: Yes Current vaccinations: Yes

Characteristics: Rango came in a a stray, he is a happy guy, does well around calmer dogs, he does react if the other dog reacts but otherwise doesn’t seem to mind them, he does also seem to have a high prey drive so probably best in a home with no cats, he doesn’t seem to have any food aggression. He seems to be pretty treat motivated…he has done great with new people male, female and children…He does take a little time to warm up but after that he is a wonderful boy!!  Rango loves meeting new people and loves pets and belly rubs but doesn’t like for anyone to grab his collar.  The shelter is over capacity so Rango is urgent for that reason, although they are a no-kill facility.  Additionally the shelter is closing in Jan and it is unknown what will happen with any dogs still at the facility when the shelter closes.