Weight: 105 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Age: 1 1/2 yrs
Good with Men: Yes, he was raised by a male and has been around men of all ages. (11-75)
Good with Women: Yes, we have friends watch him while I travel for work, mostly female. He has been around females ages 11-75
Children: He has not been around toddlers, but does well with ages 6-adults

Good with Dogs: He has only been around the neighbors dogs and he does well. He likes to run, chase and be chased. He has a strong bark, but has handled himself well with what he has been introduced to
Good with Cats: yes, the home has three cats. The cats are meaner to him than he is to them.
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Medical Issues: He does have subaortic stenosis and is on daily medication (approx $20/month).  He takes pills very easily.  The condition does not require surgery.
Rabies: Dec 2021
Heartworm test:
Characteristics: Riddick is a very sweet and loving dog. He is 1.5 years old, and weighs 105 pounds. Riddick’s owner died and the x-wife is keeping him for now but she travels a lot for work and can’t keep him very long.  He is kennel trained and doesn’t mind being in his kennel. He, overall, is a great dog, but when left alone too frequently and too long, he won’t hesitate to tear up a stuffed animal or a pillow if left in his reach. He is not allowed in the bedrooms or on the beds, but sometimes forgets that he is a 105 pound dog and tries to jump on the couch to sit on your lap, which we do stop. He has been raised with cats and pre-teen children and does well with both. He does take Atenol twice daily for sub aortic stenosis and he does have a cloudy eye from the cat scratching him in the eye, but it doesn’t seem to bother him and the cloudiness is getting better as it heals. He has not been around other dogs besides the neighbor’s dogs, but he had been going to the off leash dog park last Spring and Summer with his father.  Riddick does have slight guarding with bones when he has them in his mouth, but not with his normal food or toys.  If  you try taking food out of his mouth, he will growl or kind of snap, especially if you approach from behind and he doesn’t see you coming first.  He does get a little anxious if left alone for long periods of time repeatedly.  Work days are okay, but when owner travels and someone else is watching him, he does get anxious if alone all day, until owner gets home from travelling.

Notes from evaluator: Riddick was super friendly and did the classic “rottie-lean”.  He is a beautiful dog with the cutest face.  He knows sit, down, go between legs.  Riddick is strong and does pull on the leash so he will need a strong handler to teach him leash manners.  Riddick was so excited to get pets and brought his rawhide over to show me. Riddick would benefit from some structure and regular exercise but he does great for a young boy.  He will be a great family dog as he been great with adults, children, dogs and cats!