Name: Roxy8

Location: Overland, MO

Sex: Female

Weight: 51 lbs

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Age: 10 months

Good with Men: Yes

Good with Women: Yes

Good with Dogs: Yes (especially larger dogs)

Good with Cats: Yes; lives with 2 cats

Children: Unknown, but was introduced to infant and did great; she just wanted to be near the baby.  Likely good with kids but small kids may not be ideal as she jumps a lot and is high energy

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: Yes

Medical Issues: None


Rabies: 9/10/21

Parvo/distemper: 9/10/21

Bordatella: 9/10/21

Heartworm test: NA; takes heart guard on 13th of every month

Characteristics: Roxy is a very energetic puppy! She is a great dog, most of the time, loves being around people and getting her loving! She is a very excited girl, loves her nap time just way more than I can handle when she is excited and she likes to jump the fence if not a 6ft fence.She loves bath time or even when her human showers, she’ll jump right in.  Roxy will nip on the back of your leg to get your attention. 

Notes from evaluator: Roxy is super friendly and a BUNDLE of puppy energy! She will need a high activity family where she will get plenty of exercise and play time!  She does have German Shepherd and Doberman in her as well. I think Roxy will be a great family dog; other dogs (especially bigger dogs) she can play with will help her use up some of her energy.  Roxy can jump a 4-ft fence so 6 ft fence recommended.  Roxy will need a patient but strong owner to give her the proper training she needs.  She does jump up on you and will need basic training. She is food /treat motivated and knows sit and paw.  Roxy does not resource guard her food or toys. She loves to play with sticks and balls. Roxy is crate trained but will destroy blankets in her kennel.  I think Roxy would be friendly with kids but due to her energy and jumping, small kids may not be ideal.