• Adoption Fee: $250
  • Gender: Female
  • Current Age: 1 1/2 Years Old
  • Good with kids:  Yes, but timid at first.
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: Yes
  • Vaccinations:  Yes
  • Neuter/Spay:  Yes

BIO: Today we have the opportunity to interview Ruby, a budding new star in the lineup. We know Ruby is looking for that special someone, so let’s get to know her a little better.

Hey Ruby, I hear you are an avid reader. What’s on your nightstand right now and why?
I am currently working through “Modern Manners” by Dorothea Johnson because there is always room for more etiquette, and “Bossypants” by Tina Fey because the story of how she made herself into the success she is despite the industry’s flout toward her is truly an inspiration.

It’s Friday night. What are your plans?
Something active like rock climbing or hiking, or quiet dinner and a movie! Keeping the heartrate up is important for a healthy lifestyle, but I am equally as happy to take up the entire the couch and watch TV with my best pal. I’m not much for a party as I am pretty choosy about my crew.

What’s the best way to win you over?
Dinner! Brunch! Snacks! Feed me and you will get to know me.

Who are your role models, canine and human?
Rin Tin Tin, because who WOULDN’T want to be an awesome police dog, and Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. He seems unapproachable, but once he gets to know them, he genuinely loves and is very loyal to his friends.

What do you value most in a friendship?
Honesty- I want my friends to let me know where I can improve, and I don’t want to be anything but my goofy self to be accepted.

Alright, final question. Do you have any hidden talents?
• I do impressions! I can imitate a greyhound- zoom around the yard for 20 minutes then fall asleep as soon as I am inside.
• I do a great rug impression! I look like a bear- legs out and totally flat on the floor.
• I can sing, but I’m a little shy so I usually only do it when I don’t think anyone is listening.

Thanks for taking time for us, Ruby! We can’t wait to see more of you in the future!

If you’re interested in giving Ruby a starring role in your household, here are a few things to consider:
• At just over a year old, she is still a pup. This is great because she would be happy to grow old with you, but she is very energetic.
• Sometimes she forgets her size and manners, so she may jump and can knock someone or something down.
• Ruby is choosy about her friends and family. She can be assertive with other animals and if challenged she can be reactive or defensive. New people can also frighten her sometimes, so she takes time to warm up to people outside of her pack. If they go slow and let her gain the confidence to go to them, she is a giant cuddle bug.
• I hope you like cuddling, because she is a PROFESSIONAL cuddler.
• She is a scholar. She is house-trained, kennel-trained, and LOVES learning new tricks. Since she’s young, she needs frequent reminder but she really loves to please her people.

If you’d like to adopt Ruby, you can visit our Adopt page where you can find information on our adoption policies, and fill out an application.