• Adoption Fee: TBD
  • Current Age: Approx. 3 Years Old
  • Good with kids:  Yes, once they’re familiar.
  • Good with dogs: Possibly, with slow introductions.
  • Good with cats: He has never met a cat.
  • House Trained:  No
  • Location:  Saint Clair, MO
  • Neuter/Spay:  Yes
  • Current vaccinations:  Yes
  • Contact:   Joyce 636-234-7868 or snakehill2@gmail.com

BIO: Rufus was adopted as a puppy in late 2015 to his current family. He was raised to guard the goats on the farm. The goats were rough with him but as he grew older and bigger, he was firm but gentle with them. Rufus has been an outdoor dog, so he’s not house trained. Rufus is very affectionate with people he knows. He is a guard dog, and does a bang up job keeping predators at bay. Rufus loves his roommate, Sheba (female rottie). They’re very bonded, however Sheba can be dog reactive and Rufus just follows Sheba’s lead on everything. However, Rufus is good with men, women, and kids after having a little time to acclimate to new people. Once he knows you, he will roll over for pets and snuggles.  Rufus gets regular trips to the vet. He is neutered, and gets regular heartworm and flea/tick preventatives. Rufus is an effective watch dog, and would guard any humans he knew and loved.

If you’d like to adopt Rufus, you can contact Joyce 636-234-7868 or snakehill2@gmail.com