Name: Sampson 2
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Sex: Male
Weight: 105 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Age: 5 yrs
Good with Men: Yes, Our family has several grown men and he has always been very open and friendly with them.
Good with Women: Yes. he’s friendly and open with adult women in our family
Good with Dogs: Sampson is great with his brother Dakota, another rott. He’s pushy when it comes to other male dogs, but it hasn’t escalated to a conflict. I would be cautious at first and ensure dogs get to know each other.
Good with Cats: Yes, Sampson lives with 2 cats and has never given them any trouble.
Children: Sampson is too reactive to be around children. His single issue (which is a big one with kids) is that he can be reactive if grabbed from behind and he’s not expecting it. He has snapped before in this situation,  although no medical attention was needed–nothing very serious, but too risky for a small child.
House Trained: Does have some accidents when home alone
Crate Trained: No
Medical Issues: skull is a little deformed from lockjaw as a puppy.
Rabies: 7/24/23
Parvo/distemper: 7/24/23
Bordatella: 7/24/23
Heartworm test: 7/24/23
Characteristics: Samson’s owner is having some medical issues and his sister/parents are trying to help rehome Sampson.  Sampson is a generally friendly, high energy dog. He loves cuddles, sleeping with people, playing with his brother Dakota. He also knows several commands and walks VERY well on a leash!  See videos of Sampson walking and playing with his puppy brother Dakota!:  []( “‌”)

He’s very playful and a little barky, but not too much. He’s a happy dog and loves to greet people with big wiggles and kisses.  Sampson doesn’t like to be grabbed or touched from behind and gets spooked or scared. It has been this way since he was a puppy.  He did snap twice and I think both of these cases were when he was awoken from sleep…these 2 incidences were 3 years ago so nothing current.

Notes from evaluator:  Sampson is very friendly, calm and engaged!  He is very food motivated but is gentle!  Sampson takes treats gently and knows sit, down, place and come. Sampson will make a great addition to a family without small kids since he is sensitive to being touched or grabbed from behind!