Name: Samson
Location: Barnhart, MO
Sex: Male
Weight: 115 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: No
Age: 1 yr 8 months
Good with Men: His trainer was a man and he does great with him. I am not really sure other than that as there are 6 women only in the house. When we have company we usually are cautious and have him put up.
Good with Women: Yes very, he is protective till he knows it is welcome company.
Good with Dogs: He is okay however he is definitely wanting to be the alpha dog.
Good with Cats: Yes we also have one cat and they don’t lay and cuddle but he is not one to chase him.
Children: Yes he is great with children and very loving.
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes; He is good and goes into crate easily and waits to be let out. Very calm in his crate.
Medical Issues: He does have skin allergies during certain periods of the year. It flares up on his neck and is on antiobiotics.
Rabies: 6/1/23
Parvo/distemper: 6/1/23
Bordatella: 6/1/23
Heartworm test: 6/1/23 (Negative)
Characteristics: Samson is gently playful especially with small children. He has had 2 weeks of board and train off leash training(videos upon request). Samson will hog the air conditioner vent any chance he gets! He loves playing in snow. While he looks strong and mighty, take a closer look into his eyes you see love and tenderness. He is a big snuggler(until he gets too hot) and loves hugs!Samson was a birthday gift from an outside the home person. As he is getting older he is getting more territorial and needs more time out and about. With two full time working adults in the house he is crated at least 8 hours a day.

Notes from Evaluator: Samson was standoffish on my 1st approach. It took some food motivation and a walk for him to want to interact with me. but then he calmed down. Samson is very food motivated and takes treats gently! I was able to pet him on his head, body and also rub his ears. He does resource guard his food but toys weren’t tested. Samson lives with 2 dogs; a male 5-yr old Mastiff mix and a younger female heeler mix along with one cat. Samson will need slow intros to men as he is in a house with all females. Samson was standoffish with my boyfriend. He watched closely as he approached the front yard from our vehicle. He did bark and lunge once he got closer to the yard. After I walked him with treats I had my boyfriend come back and he took treats from him but was cautious. During the walk Samson was indifferent to the numerous car noises and also 4-wheelers. Samson would benefit with an active family as he has a lot of energy and doesn’t rest well. He is also a fence jumper and will need a privacy fence or else not be left unattended.