• Current Age 4 years
  • Good with kids: Yes but she hasn’t been around children under 11 years old.
  • Good with men: Yes
  • Good with women: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Definitely not small dogs. We think she will do ok with large dogs after proper introductions
  • Good with cats: No
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Neuter/Spay: Yes
  • Current vaccinations: Yes

Characteristics: Sasha is being surrendered only because she has a high prey drive for small animals and they have small animals. Sasha is very healthy dog and she is a beautiful rottie. Owners clearly adore her but they have a challenging time keeping her apart from the small pets. Sasha is afraid to go into her kennel. She does not have resource guarding with her food bowl and just wants you to play with her. She is a little protective of her bones. Sasha listens very well and knows sit and down. She will aslo leave a treat that is placed on the ground until she is given the command to get the treat… She is will behaved and loved affection and pets. She follows her people around and is very social. She can be touched and petted anywhere. She loved people in general but has not been around small kids. Through the fence she see kids and runs along the fence line with them. Owners said she lived in a house previously with other rotties and did fine so she is likely to do ok with larger dogs. The neighbors have dogs and when Sasha sees them through the fence she barks, but owners feel it is not aggressive but rather wanting to play with them. Sasha will be a great family dog but needs to go to a home with no small pets.