• Status: Adopted September 2017
  • Adoption Fee: $200
  • Gender: Female
  • Current Age: 6 years old
  • Good with kids: Yes
  • Good with dogs: may be best as an only dog
  • Good with cats: No
  • Vaccinations:  Current
  • Neuter/Spay:  Yes

BIO: We were contacted by a shelter to rescue this stunning girl. She was taken in as a stray and passed her SAFER tests except she was showing aggression in her kennel but only to select few people. They weren’t able to figure her triggers which made her un-adoptable by shelter standards.

Our first 24 hours assessment shows her being 100% potty trained, attention hog, knows commands sit, stay, no, come, and lay down. She pulls on leash at first but after awhile she is walking with you perfectly. Obviously, “Sasha” wasn’t her name so she doesn’t respond to just when you call her name.

NO CATS!!! She is amazing around our 2, 4, and 5 year old.

We’ve introduced Sasha to a neutered Chihuahua, an intact male and female Chihuahua, and an intact male Great Dane.  No hair raising or ears back but lots of grumbles and a few barks. Tail wagging is inconsistent but mostly signals play. We haven’t taken her any closer than approx. 15 feet with the signals she is showing. From what we’ve seen, Sasha may do best by being the only dog.

She sleeps on the floor by our bed and has not once attempted to jump on furniture. She was in her kennel for 2 hours and did great. She loves toys and treats. We will continue to assess as we are watching for the aggression noted by the Humane Society but we are super excited to give this show- stopping beauty a second chance at finding her forever home.

Update from her foster home on July 20, 2017:  She responds to Sasha now!  She also knows leave it, face (For cleaning eye boogers), and clip (to sit still and get clipped up to her run line).  One word to describe her: content.  She alerts to people knocking but not door bells.  And she LIVES for toys! Her new family will hit the Jackpot with her!  She is so family friendly, it’s remarkable.