• Adoption Fee: 
  • Current Age: 7 years
  • Good with kids: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Some
  • Good with cats: Unknown
  • House Trained: Yes.
  • Location: Fetus, MO
  • Neuter/Spay: Yes
  • Current vaccinations: Yes
  • Contact: Dan or Christina Arnold email: m.deason@hotmail.com

Sienna came to us just after Thanksgiving in 2015. She was re-homed by her previous owner after being
bullied by her 2 other large dogs. When we first got Sienna she had sores all over her legs from being
bitten by these other dogs. Those quickly healed and she settled into life with us, her human brother and
sister, and her dog sister Honey a 20 lb chiweenie.
Sienna is a sweet girl who wants nothing more than to lay next to you on the couch or bed and get loving.
She loves belly rubs and ear and butt rubs. She will give you a soft growl to warn you if she becomes
uncomfortable with the attention she is getting (which most often happens when the kids are pulling on
her). She has never gone after the kids. Somewhere along the way she became somewhat food guarding.
We have to feed our 2 dogs separately so there are no issues.
As long as she has her training collar on she walks well on a leash. When leashed with her regular collar she
pulls and tries to chase anything that moves. She’s accustomed to being taken out on a leash throughout
the day as we no longer have a fenced in yard. All things considered she does have some behavioral
issues but she is a sweet, loving dog. I think she would do best in a place where she has a fenced in yard
to run and no kids or other pets.