Age: 6

Good with kids:

Good with dogs: yes

Good with cats: Unknown

House Trained: Yes

Location: Baton Rouge LA

Neuter/Spay: Yes

Current vaccinations: Yes

Contact: Morgan Nicolich (225) 888-4498 email:

Stella is a very sweet and easy dog. She is 6.5 years old and we have never had any issues. She loves taking naps, playing with our other dog, going on walks, and playing with a ball. She can sleep all day and relax if you want or go on a walk with you. She has had two knee surgeries so she can’t walk too far and doesn’t need a lot of exercise. She is very protective of me, her owner, and we have never had any issues. All new visitors she will growl at but warms up to quickly. Recently we had an issue where she nipped at someone’s hand. We are expecting a baby and can’t take any chances with the new baby. She is up to date on all health information and is microchipped. Stella deserves to go to a loving home with someone who can help work on her protectiveness.