Stitch is a very loving and sweet dog when you get to know him. When he first came to me he had major trust issues and we dealt with some resource guarding as well. He also has some food allergies. His food and his anxiety has calmed way down and now all of his fur has grown back in. Over the past two months Stitch has turned into a totally different dog, he is so sweet and wants to just sit down and cuddle. He is very driven by positive reinforcement and he really does try to please. One thing to note is Stitch is very energetic and will run circles through the house if you let him, he takes a stern and confident leader to guide and direct him. He is responsive to training and I will make him sit before I pet him and before I open the doors to let him in or out. He just needs a routine, I want him to go to someone who is able to work with him, you will need to be patient and confident in yourself with a large dog. I’ve introduced Stitch to a few friends who are over frequently and he is very friendly he just likes to jump, he just needs redirected to sit and he will calm down. I would take introductions to new people slow with him until he is familiar with them. Stitch has been around a smaller cocker spaniel a few time without any issues but I wouldn’t trust him unsupervised with any dog. Stitch and my intact male intact Rottweiler don’t get along that well do to dominance issues. Stitch would be better off with a single family preferably with no kids or animals and plenty of room to run. Also all gates must have a keeper because he’s very smart and knows how to open gates lol.