• Adoption Fee: TBD
  • Current Age: Approximately 10 Months Old
  • Good with kids: Yes, but older children.
  • Good with dogs: He is a rough player that needs help taking breaks with other dogs.
  • Good with cats: Unsure
  • House Trained:  Unsure
  • Location:  Des Moines, IA
  • Spay/Neuter:  Yes
  • Current vaccinations:  TBD
  • Contact:  Cassandra Johnson at 515-473-9125 or Petbehavior@arl-iowa.org


Tate is a very active and rambunctious puppy.  He is a very happy, jumpy, playful guy but he appears to love everyone and other dogs.  He is incredibly smart and catches right on to training. He does calm down after awhile, but he will need a family with the ability to give him a good workout or two a day.  He’d be great for agility, flyball, or lure coursing. Probably a great running companion with training.

He does like to take a flying leap at you but doesn’t jump on you, mostly just past you.  If you ignore him, he will eventually remember that he should SIT calmly, then he gets a treat.  He’s very food motivated. Definitely a rott mix, not done growing but he’ll be a medium size. He does play rough with other dogs, so if another dog is in the family, they will need to be active and able to play with him.  He has escaped his crate in the past, so will need a secure crate or kennel when not supervised.

I think he will make an excellent addition to an active family that is willing to commit to his training!

If you’d like to adopt Tate, please contact Cassandra Johnson at 515-473-9125 or Petbehavior@arl-iowa.org