Age: 2 years
Weight: 104 lbs
Good with women: Yes but doesn’t listen wll Good with men: Yes, prefers mend
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes Good with cats: Yes
House Trained: Yes Neuter/Spay: Yes Current vaccinations: Yes
Location: Norman, OK

Characteristics: Tucker is a family oriented dog that lives on 10 acres. His is good with children, but sometimes forgets how big he is when he is playing. He will not stay in the yard and will jump a 4 foot fence. He lives with a Ragdoll cat and does not mess with her. He does try to run after chickens but they are in a chicken yard so he runs along the fence line. ( He could easily jump the fence to get them but does not.) He is good around our horse and mini pony. He will try to play with your feet at times when you are walking but will stop when you tell him No. This most often occurs when he has been crated, Notes from Evaluator: Tucker is a friendly playful boy! He has been socialized and taught manners and did not jump up. Tucker is independent and does not listen to the wife as well has the husband. The husband came home and Tucker easily jumped the fence to greet him. His big want is to be included with people. Tucker does work for treats. Tucker is being surrendered as she as 2 children with special needs with a full time job and husband is also gone most of the day.