Name: Tyson2
Location: Council Bluff, IA
Sex: Male
Weight: 90 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Age: 7 years
Good with Men: Initially on intake he was very outoing with everyone. Has got a little more stand offish, but if you pull out the treats he is eager to engage. Very treat motivated
Good with Women: same as above
Good with Dogs: Have not dog tested specifically but lived with dogs in prior home
Good with Cats: Did not test in shelter but previously lived with prior cats and birds in previous home
Children: Lived with children 2 years and older in previous home; has never snapped or growled in the home
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Doesn’t like going in his kennel at the shelter
Medical Issues: None known
Rabies: 8/4/2022
Parvo/distemper: 8/3/2022
Bordatella: 8/3/2022
Heartworm test: 8/4/2022 Negative antigen at that time
Characteristics: Tyson was surrendered to the shelter as his owner can no longer take care of him. Tyson is an overall nice boy! Has started showing some kennel stress and that is why we are hoping to move him into a foster based rescue.
Notes from Evaluator: Tyson is a very loving and playful dog.
He doesn’t seem to know any commands like sit or stay, but seems very willing to learn. He was very good with me and my husband and the intake form says he was good with kids, as well as other pets. It said that he was house trained, but of course when you are at a shelter it is hard to tell. Tyson is very playful, likes to play ball, but again doesn’t know drop it or leave it. He needs someone to work with him on basic skills but otherwise has a wonderful personality! He does seem underweight for his size, but given the stressful environment he is in I think he will blossom with a calmer environment