Name: Zaara 
Location:  Iowa 
Sex: female
Weight: 85 
Spayed/Neutered: spayed
Age: 4 yrs
Good with Men: with slow introduction 
Good with Women: with slow introduction 
Good with Dogs: yes – most comfortable with males, always suggest slow intros.
Good with Cats: yes, with training and very slow intros we believe it would work.
House Trained: yes
Crate Trained: yes 
Medical Issues:
Heartworm test:
Zaara is a 5 year old fully-vetted female Rottweiler. She weighs around 80 lbs. Zaara is very shy and it takes her awhile to warm up to new people, more so men than women. New people should ignore her initially until she has a chance to get used to their body language and proximity, then they can slowly start to interact with her using food and low-pressure movements. Once she trusts a person, she is an all-out cuddler and will even softly take your hand in her mouth to encourage you to pet her. She will lean into you and melt into your lap if you sit on the ground with her. Zaara has always been around other dogs (medium to large) and does well with most dogs with a proper introduction. She has been exposed to cats indirectly (behind a gate/door) and seemed a bit extra interested in them, but with training and gradual introductions, there’s a possibility she could live with a cat. Her prey drive is low-medium. Her energy level is low-medium; she gets excited to see you or go outside, but she prefers lounging on a couch or bed. She has excellent house manners and is potty trained. She also does fine in a kennel. She knows the cues sit, down, and kennel, and she has a fairly reliable recall. She walks fairly well on a leash and only pulls occasionally, but she also is fine not going for walks. She enjoys a variety of treats and really likes stuffed frozen kongs. She may bark once or twice at passersby, but she also may just watch. She travels well in the car and enjoys looking out the window or napping on longer trips. Zaara LOVES being brushed and is good for nail trims. Due to her stranger danger, vet exams can cause her to display fear-reactive behaviors such as barking or growling. For this reason, we have begun muzzle training her to keep everyone safe during vet visits. Small children make Zaara very nervous due to their quick movements and noisy kid fun, so older children who can go slowly when getting to know her are the best fit. Zaara will need an adopter who can advocate for her with strangers, and continue with developing her confidence through training and socialization. She is a wonderful girl who would love to be your movie night partner and keep you warm in the winter!