Name: Zoe3
Location: Independence, MO
Sex: Female
Weight: 57 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Age: 1 yr
Good with Men: Yes
Good with Women: Yes
Good with Dogs: Shelter says she is fine with other dogs
Good with Cats: I watched Zoe with cats thru a glass window today and she was non-reactive.  The shelter states she is good with cats in person as well. 
Children: Yes; previous adopter had two very young children who were autistic and Zoe did GREAT with them.
House Trained: still a work in progress
Crate Trained: still a work in progress but does well at the shelter
Medical Issues:
Rabies: 7/10/23
Parvo/distemper: 6/26/23
Heartworm test: negative on 7/10/23 but since she was with an adopter for 2 months and they don’t know if HW prev was used during that time, they will update test

Notes from evaluator:  When I met Zoe she was focused on all the new pet smells in the shelter lobby. Once she knew I had treats she came to me for a treat. After about 15 mins, she solicited pets from me without treats. It took her a minute but nothing aggressive or concerning – just naturally slow to warm. Zoe took all the treats offered – on the floor and by hand – she had a very gentle mouth when taking the treat as well. I was able to pet her head, face, muzzle, rear and paws. She was aware of me doing so but had no negative reactions. Zoe would jump while walking on leash – she is a puppy still so wanted to play with the leash. She also did mouth a bit – but no biting down – only felt her mouth on my wrist without pressure.

Zoe was originally a stray – she was adopted 2 months ago and they brought her back due to potty training issues and her being an escape artist and getting out of a tether – and jumping a fence.  She can jump a fence and escape a tether without the properly fitted martingale collar. She was wearing a harness that she backed herself out of we suspect. She has not soiled in the shelter crate since returning so potty training will likely be easy enough. Zoe is a doll! Smaller in size and very much a puppy but VERY trainable.