• Status: Available for Adoption
  • Current Age: 6 Years 4 Months (best estimate)

    06-25-14 Update:
    Tyson what a cuddler! He loves to lie at your side and get petted. Tyson is kennel and potty trained as well. Tyson isn't much into playing with toys or fetch.  He was an outside dog and that is still in him he loves to be outside lounging. Tyson does well with all people and kids but would recommend older kids 4 and up. He gets along great with big dogs but not small dogs or cats as he sees them as prey. He's getting better on the leash but does pull.

    04-15-14 Update:
    Tyson has been here almost a month and is quite the gentleman! Tyson hasn't had an accident for 2 weeks now. He walks ok on a leash he's just in a hurry to smell everything. He plays great with all the dogs and loves to play ball. Tyson will be your best friend he has the rottie lean wants to please you. He does good kenneling up when asked.

    04-01-14 Update:
    Hello, I'm Tyson and been with my foster family for a little while now and it's going well. I've been told it's not ok to pee in the house so I'm getting into trouble a lot with that issue.  (Tyson will be neutered very soon so that will help) I've also been told the trash can is not my plate, but they put so much good food in there I can't resist!  I love my kennel so I lay in there a lot as I'm still nervous.  Noises and quick movements make me jump.

    I get along great with my foster brother and we play outside quite a bit. I love to snuggle with my humans at bed time and they even let me sleep in the bed.  I have been an outside dog all my life, so I just need some work on my manners and I will be a great dog!  Please check back soon for more about me!

    Notes from the Shelter:
    Meet Tyson!  He is a 6 year old Rottweiler mix who came into our shelter about 3 months ago.  He has been a yard dog his entire life before entering the shelter system.  Coming out of that situation he is really quite social with both people and dogs.

    No issues seen with people.  Tyson has interacted successfully with everybody that I have seen him with.  Men and women, he lived in a home with at least one child but we have not had him with children here at the shelter.

    No resource guarding food, toys, bones, beds, etc from people.  We do not group house so could not tell you accurately how he is with resources and other dogs.

    As I said earlier, Tyson has been a yard dog, so I have a pretty good idea that he will not tolerate cats or small prey animals.  He is very focused on the cats in our cat room, they are behind a barrier but I would not feel safe having him loose with the cats.  Could some "leave it" training and redirection benefit Tyson?  For sure, but probably not  a dog that I would ever trust alone (w/o supervision). 

    Tyson is a staff favorite here at our shelter.  Just a big goofy rottie!  He would be up for any adventure and I could see him doing really well in a home with previous Rottweiler experience.

    If you’d like to adopt Tyson, you can visit our Adopt page where you can find information on our adoption policies, and fill out an application.